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iacp announces the new corporate member tier program!

IACP's award-winning Corporate Member program engages corporate leaders in the pharmacy compounding community by connecting them with IACP’s more than 4,000 Members.


We encourage all IACP Members to support these corporate members that are instrumental in our joint effort to protect and grow this vital part of quality health care.


If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Member, please contact Ashlyn Grant.


Please click here for the Corporate Member Prospectus.

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Please visit our Corporate Members' Web sites by clicking the links below.


Platinum Corporate Members

($75,000 and up)





Corporate Member Since 2000


PCCA provides independent compounding pharmacists the knowledge and tools so they can meet the unique healthcare needs of patients by providing members with unparalleled quality chemicals, equipment, leading education options in person and on-line and access to the industry’s most experienced consulting teams.


PCCA also provides compounding pharmacies with complete end product testing for sterility, bacterial endotoxins, microbial detection and active ingredient potency through Eagle Analytical Services as well as complete compounding pharmacy software with PK Software. PK enables users to track patients, prescriptions, Rx's on hold, partial fills, clinical drug screening, patient counseling, formulas, logs, chemicals, wholesalers, doctors, marketing plans, online billing, accounting, compounding information, and more. 




Gold Corporate Members

($50,000 - $74,999)



International Journal of Compounding Pharmacists

Corporate Member Since 2015


The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding (IJPC) is a peer-review, scientific journal specifically for compounding pharmacists. There are articles and issues available for immediate download at and formulas that are referenced with beyond-use dates and SOPs available on
IJPC print/digital is a “referenced” and a “reference” journal. Articles are “referenced” and it is designed to be kept and referred to as needed. Each issue contains feature articles, 2-4 peer reviewed scientific studies, ten formulations, series on the basics of nonsterile compounding and sterile compounding, quality assurance and much more. is the world’s largest database for pharmaceutical compounding. It contains over 3,000 documented formulas, over 1,000 ‘Named” formulas and over 1,000 cosmetic formulas, over 350 Standard Operating Procedures. 



Silver Corporate Members

($25,000 - $49,999)



Letco Medical

Corporate Member Since 2008


Letco is one of the leading suppliers of fine pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmacy equipment, and specialty pharmaceuticals to compounding customers.  We leverage years of experience in specialty pharmacy to identify and help our customers develop expertise to establish a local niche and grow their businesses.


We offer 1,000s of products to compounding and specialty pharmacies worldwide. Our products cover broad therapeutic categories, and we offer a range of dosage forms and delivery systems including inhalation, oral solids, altered release, injectables, topical, transdermals and liquids.


Letco Medical has refined our service and supply focus to transform our business for the new pharmacy environment. We are working closely with our number one asset—our customers—and industry leaders to address challenges and mine opportunities in the growing segments of hormone, pain management and veterinary compounding.



Bronze Corporate Members

($10,000 - $24,999)





Charles River

Corporate Member Since 2013


Charles River offers FDA-licensed products and GMP-compliant services to maintain control and consistency in your compounding procedures. Our portfolio includes options for monitoring contamination threats including sterility, microbial limits and bioburden testing services, which are conducted in compliance with global regulatory guidelines. We further ensure the integrity of your product with endotoxin and microbial detection solutions. Our handheld Endosafe®-PTS™ system simplifies endotoxin testing to deliver real-time, point-of-sample results in 15 minutes. All necessary LAL reagents are condensed into a single disposable cartridge for easy, one-button operation. We can also support your environmental monitoring program with cost-effective microbial identification and strain typing services using our proprietary Accugenix® database, which profiles more relevant microorganisms than any other reference library in the industry.
With compounding pharmacy regulations under scrutiny, compliance has never been more important. Charles River offers the international regulatory expertise needed to help you confidently navigate these stringent requirements.


DoseLogix/Topi-CLICK Topical Dosing Applicator
Corporate Member Since 2012 


Topi-CLICK® by DoseLogix manufactures topical dosing dispensers revealed as the most accurate compared to other dispensers in an independent study*. Innovatively designed, Topi-CLICK dispensers provide easy-to-use built-in applicators that eliminate transference issues with hands and assures Peace-of-Mind™ dosing from start to finish. 

Topi-CLICK® continues to grow in popularity by setting a new standard with the distinctive “CLICK” to dispense. Products like the Topi-CLICK® Perl™ offer a revolutionary way to dispense vaginal medications and affirm that our continuous pursuit of new technologies and innovation offers the promise of a better tomorrow.  

*For more information and a copy of the independent study visit, call 877.870.8448 or email



Fagron, Inc.

Corporate Member Since 2016

Fagron is a global compounding company that sets the standard in premium quality bulk drugs, excipients, and manufactures innovative global brands in the form of creams, lotions, syrups, and suspending vehicles, such as TrichoConcept, Fagron Advanced Derma, SyrSpend®, and UniSpend. They offer FagronLab, their own line of compounding equipment and supplies to fit every pharmaceutical need. Fagron, Inc. is a VAWD accredited, FDA-registered and inspected facility located in St. Paul, MN that adheres to cGMP requirements. Incoming chemicals are checked to assure compliance with standards of the USP/NF and other compendia. Because Fagron is dedicated to widening the therapeutic scope of the prescriber to enable tailor-made pharmaceutical care, they offer a wide range of educational offerings through Fagron Academy and excellent technical support services.

Visit us at or call 800-423-6967 for more information.




FlakTek Inc.

Corporate Member Since 2017


The SpeedMixer is a precise highly repeatable all-in-one blender, mixer, mill for the Compounding Pharmacy industry. From powders triturations, to dilutions, to hormone creams and grinding of large particles – the SpeedMixer can do it all.  Your businesses success and integrity relies on perfectly prepared/mixed compounds – the SpeedMixer is 100% repeatable and provides perfect mixing time and time again.

Most compound operations currently include a variety of equipment including the electronic mortar and pestle (Unguator, etc), ointment mills (Dermamil, Exact, etc), powder tumblers (Inversina, etc), v blenders (Maxiblend, etc), basic mortar and pestle, and classic human intensive hand mixing. You can perform all of these operations using the SpeedMixer. There are no blades which means no cleanup and no bubbles. Mix. Mill. De-air. Melt. Anything.

We have a variety of mixers, ranging in size from up to 100g batch sizes to 10kg batch sizes.  





Humco Compounding

Corporate Member Since 2006


Humco Compounding is a fully cGMP compliant, FDA registered manufacturer with a 140-year history in the supply of compounding vehicles. Our staff meets regularly with pharmacists to understand new requirements for the marketplace. From those meetings, our research and development team brings innovative ideas and solutions to the market to help compounding pharmacists better meet the needs of patients and improve outcomes. These innovations include Flavor Blend, a buffered vehicle containing an anti-foaming agent and suitable preservatives that makes it ideal for pediatric, geriatric, and veterinary suspensions. For complex topical compounds containing salt actives, Humco Compounding created a unique base, Salt Stable LO that requires no pre-dispersion and holds multiple ingredients without breaking down. Our goal is to provide pharmacists with items that reduce costs, save preparation time, and provide improved outcomes.





Corporate Member Since 2007


With over 25 years of experience, MEDISCA has developed a solid reputation as an innovative and entrepreneurial company in the pharmaceutical compounding industry. MEDISCA is a leading FDA-registered supplier of quality pharmacy compounding products and offers excellent service to the North American, Australian and other international markets.  

At MEDISCA, commitment to quality is our top priority and we are continuously seeking ways to increase the standard of our product quality. Our commitment to quality has been recognized with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications from TUV. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality compounding products, such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Fine Chemicals, Bases, Equipment & Devices, Capsules, Oils, Flavors, Colors and Compounding Kits.  To learn more, visit or contact us today at 1.800.932.1039.  




Spectrum Pharmacy Products

Corporate Member Since 2015


Spectrum Pharmacy Products manufactures and distributes compounding chemicals, equipment and supplies with quality and delivery you can count on every time.  Spectrum has been serving compounders since 1971 with the industry’s largest portfolio of USP/NF grade products and DEA Controlled Substances (Schedules I – V).  All monograph chemicals are manufactured, packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) per 21CFR Parts 210 & 211 in FDA registered and inspected facilities. Our Pharmacy Technical Services Department is staffed by experienced Pharmacists, certified technicians and chemists to support your practice by providing expert product, technical, and formulation guidance - with no membership fees.


Visit us at or call 800-370-6231.




IACP Corporate members

(Up to $9,999)




AirClean Systems

Corporate Member Since 2007


AirClean® Systems is North America's largest manufacturer of ductless containment solutions, offering the widest range of application capability, innovative safety features, and construction material. Independently tested and certified PowderSafe™ ductless balance enclosures are the compounder’s choice for powder, particulate, and vapor containment within the pharmacy. AirClean® Systems also manufactures other ductless containment solutions suitable for the pharmacy setting, including laminar flow workstations, clean benches, and chemical workstations.  All products are shipped fully assembled and manufactured in the USA.







ARL Bio Pharma (ARL)

Corporate Member Since 2006


ARL Bio Pharma is a contract laboratory. ARL provides analytical and microbiological testing for compounding pharmacies, outsourcing facilities and health-system pharmacies. ARL is an ISO 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, FDA registered and DEA licensed. Laboratory services routinely include: sterility, endotoxin, potency, stability and compatibility studies, full compendial testing, and method development and validation. Non-cGMP and cGMP services are available depending on client requests.





Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.

Corporate Member Since 2012


Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC), a global biopharmaceutical company, was the first company licensed by the FDA to manufacture LAL for use as a quality control test for endotoxin in the pharmaceutical and medical device markets. ACC manufactures and sells LAL reagents, software and instrumentation and also provides a variety of LAL/endotoxin training workshops. ACC operates a Contract Test Laboratory which offers a variety of services including custom oven controls, method development and validation of methods for regulatory review.

(ACC) is pleased to introduce a new, FDA licensed version of our rapid endotoxin detection kit, Pyrosate®.  Pyrosate® is well suited for performing endotoxin assays in full compliance with the Bacterial Endotoxins Test, USP chapter <85>. Pyrosate® has been developed as an easy-to-use Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) gel-clot test that enables rapid testing and does not require special laboratory supplies. The easy to follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions allow the user to set up assays within minutes.  

In addition to FDA licensure, the Pyrosate® Kit is now available in sensitivities of 0.03 EU/mL, 0.125 EU/mL and 0.25 EU/mL, in both 10 pack and 30 pack formats. With the introduction of this licensed version, in addition to research and water testing, Pyrosate® is ideal for dialysis centers, compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

You can find out more about our newly licensed Pyrosate® Kit by visiting our website at If you have any questions or for additional information, please contact Vann Jones at 




B&B Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Corporate Member Since 2007


Founded in 1997, B&B Pharmaceuticals is a wholesaler of the highest quality bulk raw materials used in Pharmaceutical Compounding. We specialize in controlled substances, Hormones (HRT), sexual health, and other Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients.


All of our sources are FDA approved, cGMP facilities and most of our APIs are imported directly from the manufacturer. We are licensed with the DEA as an importer/exporter/manufacturer and are registered with the FDA. All products are repackaged in our state-of-the-art, ISO 6, Class 1000 clean rooms and are sent to an outside laboratory for analytical, purity, and stability testing. Our extensive vendor validation process ensures that all state and federal regulations have been met or exceeded for each of our products. Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets are available on every product.


Whether the scope of your compounding be in a traditional 503A pharmacy, a 503B facility, or other setting, we pride ourselves on customizing our services to accommodate your specific business model. With our prompt, 24-hour turnaround on all stock items, sourcing services available for specialty items, and the support of a global quality team, B&B Pharmaceuticals is committed to and looking forward to earning and maintaining your business. B&B Pharmaceuticals is a VAWD accredited wholesale distribution facility. Contact a sales representative today to see how B&B Pharmaceuticals can enhance your wholesale experience.


"Providing our compounding friends with excellent service and consistent pricing; Making your business success our business” 


Corporate Member Since 2018


ChemoGLO is company that's passionate about providing a healthier, safer work environment for both patients and healthcare workers. The ChemoGLO Wipe Kit is a simple test kit that can be used in any location where there is a risk of harmful exposure to hazardous drugs due to drug preparation and administration. Our HDClean Wipes are sterile, lint-free towelettes and are surface tested to remove hazardous drug surface contamination. Both products are USP 800 compliant and meet requirements for testing, decontaminating, neutralizing, and removing hazardous drugs. For more product information, pricing, and ordering details, please contact our ChemoGLO sales team at (877) 215-2705 ext. 2.








Corporate Member Since 2006


DYNALABS is a quality assurance company that does analytical testing, data analysis and consulting.  We test pharmaceuticals (sterile and non-sterile dosage forms) for pharmacies (retail – industrial – hospital) and pharmaceutical drug companies in the United States, Canada and Australia.  Our guiding principles are patient safety, affordable healthcare and business success.  We have been serving the market since 2004.  Our state of the art laboratory, combined with the experience and expertise of our lab staff, provides an excellent platform to deliver the highest level of quality assurance for our customers.  





Eagle Analytical Services

Corporate Member Since 2007


Eagle Analytical Services, a PCCA company, has served our customers since 2004. Allying our strength with PCCA, drawing on their many years of service to compounding pharmacists, we can work with you on any issue you may encounter. We test your routine samples, help you fine-tune your formulations, and even provide feedback on techniques.

Eagle Analytical Services offers the highest quality in preparation testing for sterility, bacterial endotoxins, microbial detection, beyond-use dating (BUD) determination and active ingredient potency. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the experience and knowledge of our team, makes Eagle Analytical Services the best choice for all your testing needs. At Eagle, we are committed not only to performing the best quality control testing, we work relentlessly with you on solutions if your test receives unexpected results. With Eagle as part of your team, confidence will soar. We live up to our slogan: "Quality. Solutions. Confidence."


Encore Scientific

Corporate Member Since 2017

Our personalized pharmacy market focus provides unique solutions that fuel the success of our business partners. Our vision is to lead the industry in state-of-the-art technological advancements to foster a more efficient and patient-focused business for our customers. Common in our entrepreneurial thread, and driven by our passion for innovation, we will relentlessly pursue cutting-edge product and process technologies to better serve our partners, allowing you to spearhead industry trends.

It’s time to take back control of your pharmacy. It’s time for an Encore.





EXAKT Technologies, Inc.

Corporate Member Since 2012


EXAKT Advanced Technologies, GmbH has been providing compounding pharmacies with equipment and compounding supplies for over 65 years. And as most pharmacists in the US and Canada know, the EXAKT Classic 50 ointment mill is the gold standard for both performance and reliability throughout the world. Now EXAKT gives pharmacists a new and easier to clean ointment mill for daily use. The EXAKT EC is easier to use, easier to clean and has the features that pharmacists have asked for. But EXAKT's offerings don't stop there. EXAKT Technologies, Inc. together with our partners have been helping compounding pharmacists pick the right mill for their busy pharmacies. With factory trained technicians we provide complete service for all of EXAKT's mills and have a complete stock of spare parts in Oklahoma City. No compounding pharmacy is complete without an EXAKT ointment mill. For reliability and value nothing beats it.  




FisherBroyles, LLP

Corporate Member Since 2015


FisherBroyles is a partnership of more than 140 specialized attorneys located in 20 cities across the United States.  The firm provides legal and business counsel in more than 35 practice areas across industries that include among others, healthcare and pharmacy, manufacturing, real estate, financial services, franchising, and technology. 


FisherBroyles’ integrated healthcare team delivers comprehensive legal services, including defense of qui tam actions alleging violations of the False Claims Act, anti-kickback statutes, Stark Law violations, HIPAA breach violations as well as corporate and transactional guidance.  The firm counsels specialty and compounding pharmacies in the design and implementation of compliance programs, HIPAA cyber-security and breach protocol, conducting risk assessments, and responding to government investigations.  Our team provides sophisticated corporate counsel to pharmacies in all aspects of commercial transactions including contracts, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing and wide variety of other business arrangements.






Gates Healthcare Associates

Corporate Member Since 2013


Gates Healthcare Associates is a pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting firm that provides extensive clinical, programmatic, and regulatory knowledge and insight to an array of organizations nationally and abroad. We help our clients confront and overcome challenges and obstacles to growth, positioning them for long term business success. 

Gates Healthcare Associates is at the forefront of compounding pharmacy practice, helping its clients adapt to a changing regulatory landscape, to become accredited, and to comply with new rules and regulations, including the adoption of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards.  Services provided include preparation for third party accreditation such as PCAB; comprehensive design and development of cGMP-compliant compounding facilities; review of, and recommended improvements to, existing practices; and support to clients as they address FDA and state compliance issues.
Gates Healthcare Associates also provides strategic business support to health care organizations as they seek to grow, merge, consolidate, or be sold, by providing CEO-level experience and insights and the wisdom acquired by the Gates team over decades of running and managing health care businesses.







Hardy Diagnostics

Corporate Member Since 2014


With over 34 years as microbiology specialists, Hardy Diagnostics is poised to partner with pharmacists as Patient and USP compliance advocates.


HardyVal Media Fill Test kits make USP compliance easy. If your compounding practices closely mimic the examples stated in USP <797>, HardyVal kits are ideal for your USP compliance program. Per USP <797> and <71>, Hardy Diagnostics also supplies contact plates, media, sterility testing products and the USP compendial challenge organisms.


Quality culture media goes hand in hand with patient safety, care, and viability of your business. Our products are manufactured at our ISO 13485 certified headquarters and must pass our in-house QC lab, where we challenge our media for adequate growth , as outlined by USP.


A well established industry leader, Hardy Diagnostics is committed to providing consistent, quality products, innovative design and dependable service. This customer and quality focused approach distinguishes Hardy as a premier manufacturer.





Infinity Laboratories

Corporate Member Since 2017


Infinity Laboratories is a contract laboratory that specializes in chemical and microbiological drug testing.  This includes sterility, endotoxin, microbial identification, environmental monitoring, potency, particulates, stability and forced degradation studies and much more.  Infinity Laboratories is an FDA Registered, ISO 17025 Accredited, and DEA Licensed facility. 






International Medical Industries (IMI)

Corporate Member Since 2013


Since 1969, International Medical Industries (IMI) has worked closely with compounding professionals to create innovative products that meet very specialized compounding needs. A prime example is IMI’s groundbreaking Tamper Evident Syringe Caps for sterile IV syringes and oral dispensers. A unique patented design offers both compounders and end-users an unparalleled level of product confidence and control while further enhancing USP <797> compliance. Tampering is immediately evident when the outer sleeve is broken or missing. In addition to Tamper Evident Caps, IMI manufactures a complete line of caps, connectors and adapters perfectly suited for any sterile transfer, fill and/or delivery process. All products are made in the U.S.A. at IMI’s FDA licensed facility and adhere to strict GMP standards. IMI’s ISO 13485 certification exemplifies a strong commitment to quality. With IMI as your partner, you can improve your workflow, reduce inventory issues and increase savings to you and your customers.






Life File

Corporate Member Since 2012


Life File is a privately held company that delivers integrated information solutions to independent pharmacies, their doctors, and patients.  Life File's competencies include software development, business consulting, and hardware configuration. 

Our software development unit creates business and clinical modules that support pharmacy operations across the board; enabling far reaching doctor online access with e-prescribing, and giving patients powerful online management tools for refill ordering, compliance, and much more.


Life File consulting looks at your pharmacy from a fresh perspective.  We use site visits, remote interviews and data analysis to assess your business and recommend interventions to increase patient safety, business efficiency, customer loyalty, and market share.


Life File custom hardware solutions enable permanent secure connections to the pharmacy and even off-line access to documents.

Thanks to Life File, pharmacies can offer physicians and patients unprecedented resources for the management of all prescriptions with emphasis on compounded medications. Life File is the equalizer that levels the playing field between large chains and independents.



LP3 Network

Corporate Member Since 2016

LP3 Network provides the healthcare community with exceptional programs in continuing education. Our team of experts develop innovative and high-quality programs to provide healthcare professionals with knowledge and tools needed to succeed. 
As we believe in providing you with options, we offer a broad range of accredited pharmacy compounding trainings held in multiple venues across North America and Australia for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and allied health professionals. 
Furthermore, our LP3 Network website will provide you with 24/7 access to all of the important information relating to your continuing healthcare education journey. To learn more, visit





Corporate Member Since 2017


Mecart is a Canadian manufacturer of turnkey, modular cleanroom solutions. Our team of in-house designers, engineers, architects, and technicians will work with you from project inception through completion (pre-certification) and will cover all facets of the project from design and pricing through transportation and installation. Mecart is committed to delivering your project on schedule and in accordance with all agreed upon performance requirements. We guarantee the delivery time, quality, and performance of our cleanrooms. Our rooms are truly turnkey – we manufacture custom made panels as well as proprietary Mecart-designed HVAC. Our modular advantage is the Hook & Seal system as well as our 100% prefabricated panels, which include pre-wired outlets, lighting, and integrated utilities. We can design and build to meet any room size, ceiling height, room shape, etc. Additionally, we have multiple options for windows, doors, cleanroom sinks, lighting, pass throughs, etc. To learn more, visit






Corporate Member Since 2017


Pestle® is a software platform developed to help compounding pharmacies, multi-pharmacy organizations and healthcare organizations maintain compliance to USP rules, regulations and standards.

Pestle® specializes in organizing and managing your compliance program. With one platform, you can document compliance tasks, access sterile and non-sterile standards, track your compliance program in real time and store everything in one place. 

This is a platform specifically built to streamline your compliance program and make USP compliance easier to manage than you ever thought possible.





Storey Marketing

Corporate Member Since 2006


Storey Marketing has specialized in digital and print marketing for compounding pharmacies since 1993. Responsive websites are fully customized with HIPAA-compliant forms, ADA Accessibility, Refill/Transfer integration, and even a Live Chat option! Referenced brochures, email and print newsletters, and social media posts coordinate and integrate with your brand. Ask about E-commerce, SEO optimization, Google Ads and more! We follow compounding regulations and understand our clients’ needs. We look forward to working with you!







Torpac Capsules
Corporate Member Since 2013


Torpac Capsules makes capsule filling machines, molds, blenders and empty capsules. Our ProFiller® ( capsule fillers are high-output, easy to use, easy to clean and made from Stainless Steel (Inox) 316. ProFiller is available in 100, 120, and 300 holes. The 300 hole model is available in hand held and bench top versions. Torpac offers ProMixerTM for powder blending and ProMolds for making tablets and lozenges.
Empty capsules are available in full and part cases in standard sizes 000-5 and veterinary sizes from 0.004 ml for mice to 110 ml for adult cattle.  
Torpac Capsules provides excellent technical support. Tips on our website include the first explanation of which powders are filled faster on a vibrator and a powder hood sizing guide. For capsule success we have several bulletins on common issues and solutions. Contact us for more information 1-973-244-1125. Our products are also available through most compounding distributors.iable mixing motors that keep speed fluctuations to a minimum and ensures quality preparations every time. The Unguator technology offers a consistent quality mix when preparing a variety of compounds. Utilizing the system allows for compounds to be prepared in a fraction of the time and cost associated with conventional methods.





Willow Birch Pharma

Corporate Member Since 2015


Willow Birch Pharma, Inc. is a leading supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) to Compounding Pharmacies in North America. Willow Birch provides the compounding industry with the highest quality active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA registered and GMP manufacturers. With Willow Birch’s global network of pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution partners, our clients will see firsthand that we procure materials that are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and at the most competitive price. Willow Birch prides itself with unparalleled service and regulatory support to our clients located around the United States. 



Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Member? Please contact Ashlyn Grant at (281) 933-8400 or by e-mail.


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