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“IACP has provided me with an incredible opportunity to meet the best and brightest pharmacists and technicians in our compounding profession.  Through IACP I have become an active participant in Washington, D.C., as well as in local, state and national initiatives to help ensure that practitioners and the patients they serve continue to have access to the personalized medication solutions they deserve.” – IACP Past President, John Herr, RPh, FIACP, Town & Country Compounding & Consultation.






APhA 2014 Student Breakfast Focus Group

Last month IACP’s Executive Vice President/CEO David G Miller, RPh and IACP Membership Coordinator Melissa Lampp had the pleasure to sit down with 14 of our student members to find out what IACP can do for you. In doing so we discovered there are a few things that we can provide for you in the next few months as well all the free items that USP has available for you today.  We look forward to continuing to grow our student membership, but truly want to focus on working for you. If there is something that you feel would be helpful or ideas that you think IACP should be doing, please contact us at

IACP’s First Student Town Hall Teleconference

First of all, we would like to thank each and every one who joined us for our first student town hall teleconference. During the call some of the topics that were discussed included: Preceptors; Mentor Program; as well as the IACP Career Center. IACP’s Executive Vice President/CEO, David G Miller, RPh also touched on some of the free items that USP has so graciously offered for our current IACP student members. To learn more about all that USP has to offer and to hear the teleconference please click here.

  • Academic Pharmacy Resource Program (APRP)

USP offers free access to USP-NF, USP dictionary, and FCC for pharmacy school students. This is usually set up through the pharmacy school librarian (or other contact) and access is granted to all students through the school library. Click here to view a fact sheet on this program

  • Public Health Webinar

We do have a free webinar available on our website related to a compounding outbreak associated with compounded total parenteral nutrition. This webinar was done in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Students can register for the webinar by clicking here.  

  • USP Pictograms

USP has a library of 81 pictograms which are standardized graphic images to help convey medication instructions, precautions, and warnings. These also are available to download at USP’s website. Students and practitioners have found this useful for counseling patients with low literacy levels. Click here to access.

  • USP Newsletters and Information

We also have a variety of notices, updates, and publications and students can sign-up to receive these updates depending on their interest. Sign up to receive here.

  • USP Compounding Webpage

Updated with any new revisions/proposals related to compounding General Chapters and monographs. Currently on the page is information on a newly proposed chapter on Hazardous Drugs, FAQ’s related to compounding, as well as other information. Click here to access.

Future Compounders Help Shape IACP's Student Programs!

IACP held its inaugural Focus Breakfast with College of Pharmacy students during the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Annual Meeting and Exposition held in Los Angeles, Calif., in March 2013. IACP met with future pharmacists to hear their ideas and suggestions for the profession.

Pictured here - front row (l to r) IACP's David G. Miller, RPh, Jacqueline Shiao, Elyse Weitzman, Kim Sisouk, Linda Ehlig and Alexander Tu. Back row (l to r) Jay Fajiculay, Brahim Shettima, Loren Madden Kirk, Brantley Underwood, Natalie Nguyen and IACP's Melissa Lampp.


Find a Preceptor

Interested in finding a compounding preceptor? Contact Melissa Lampp.


Why Should You Join IACP?

Check out the five top reasons why students should join a professional organization!

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 For any additional student questions, please contact Melissa Lampp, Member Services Coordinator at (281) 933-8400.


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